How to grab the pocket knife


There are lots of pocket knives available in the market, learn how to choose the best amongst them by considering some simple facts.


How to grab the pocket knife?

When you go to the market to buy a suitable pocket knife you will get a lot of choices. It’s a very tricky task to choose from so many choices, often a person gets bluffed and remains confused about which one will serve the best. To clear this confusion, some points should be kept in mind before buying this stuff.

Important factors that determine the quality of product are:


It is the most important part of a knife. A sharp blade is always more useful than a blunt one. Purpose of a knife is related to its blade and if the blade is not that sharp the whole purpose gets wasted. The makers put more stress on its blade to make it more useful and handy. Its blade angle and position is determined scientifically which gives better results and acute sharpness.


A good knife should have a strong handle so that the grip is strong enough. It should be made strong and non-absorbent. The most common material that is used for making handles is fibreglass based laminate as they show less moisture absorption. Titanium is also used for making handles in some cases.


A proper design makes a knife more worthy, no matter how sharp the blades are or how good is the grip, if its design is poor whole effect becomes less. A good design gives a feeling as if the knife is your extension of the hand. Imagine how important role does a design plays while making a knife.

Value for money

It’s easy to say that a good knife comes at a good price. But most of the people tend to buy knives that give maximum results within a budget price. Don’t go with the name, as certain brand names tend to ask higher price than the original credit. Today, you can easily find value for money products if searched properly.


It could be easy to find a perfect knife once you decide the purpose. People have different reasons to buy pocket knife, for safety reasons, or cutting fruits and vegetables, or just for handy tool. Your decision will affect your purchase in a lot of ways.

Single or multi blade

Today a lot of variety are evident the market. Starting from a single blade to multi tasking tools. Your usage will help to decide on what type of knife would exactly you want. If you will use it for the simple household purpose a single blade will do, but if you want it to carry for outings a multi blade will be a better option.

Knife size

Knives are available in various sizes, small, large, or medium.  Find the one that will be comfortable for you to carry.

Blade type

Among the various types of blade, you can go for drop point or clip point, or serrated ones.

Grab the best knife

Now that you know all the detail point that should be kept in mind before buying a pocket knife, go grab the one best for you.

Food habit and human behavior

Normally, we all eat foods to live. But some time for test also. Due to test, people’s food habits are varied from each other. Some loves vegetarian and some loves non-vegetarian. This article is to concern those people who just madly love with high sugar and starchy carbohydrate containing foods like Sugar, honey, candies, cake, dried fruits, rice, potato etc. If we noticed those foods loving people’s behavior we may find they have anxiety, anger, depression, panic attacks and sometime suicide tendency also.   


Dr. Russell Blaylock explained why this type of unfortunate behavior they have? According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, when someone consumes too much higher sugar content and starchy carbohydrates its lead to release inordinately the insulin hormone and so the blood sugar levels falling in turn. Means that person becomes hypoglycemic. Due to hypoglycemia, his / her brain comment to secrete glutamate to maintain blood sugar levels. And that causes agitation, depression, anger, panic attacks, and anxiety and increases the suicide risk also. It can also increase the neurodegenerative disease risk such as Parkinson‘s, Alzheimer‘s disease and ALS (Lou Gehrig‘s).

According to a study, that was done to measure the visible effects of sugar consumption. In that study a good amount of sugar (may equal to a soda) was given to some kids. And after an hour they showed inappropriate behavior during free play.  As Dr. Russell Blaylock says, sugar stimulates our brain function hence our psychological function too. When we take an excess amount of sugar our brain orders our body to secrete excess amount of insulin hormone. Which decries our blood sugar level and causes hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia leads to hyperactivity in children often. It may cause criminal or violent behavior in both adults and children as well as mental confusion in aged person.

food habit

So, avoiding high sugar and carbohydrate containing foods and consuming  a healthy diet which have lots of fresh, locally-grown organic vegetables , fruits ,    high quality omega-3 supplements are the best way to avoid those unfortunate behavior.

Tips for selecting natural shampoo

Natural shampoos have been shown to be better than the chemical varieties that have long plagued the market. More people are making and selling their own natural shampoo products as they seek to give their hair and scalp the very best.


Why use natural shampoo in the first place?

Before telling you how you can ensure that you select the right natural shampoo, let us quickly run down the reasons why you should use natural shampoo instead of the synthetic alternatives.

  1. Protect your hair and especially your scalp from harsh chemicals. Synthetic shampoos contain some very harsh chemicals that can damage your scalp and make your hair brittle. The natural shampoos are better at taking care of your scalp, as natural oils are more beneficial.
  2. There is less risk of allergic reactions when you are using natural shampoos. The mildness of natural shampoos ensures that you are protected from the allergic flare ups that are common with synthetic shampoos.
  3. Natural shampoos clean up your hair more effectively instead of building up the chemical gunk at your hair roots and in your hair follicles. This leaves your hair feeling refreshed and livelier.

Tips on choosing natural shampoo

1.       Check the chemical ingredients

It would be counterproductive to move to natural shampoos to get away from harsh chemicals only to use them in a different form. Check the chemical ingredients of the natural shampoo that you are buying to make sure those harsh and harmful chemicals are not used in making it. Chemicals that you need to look out for are-

  1. Deodorized Kerosene (Olefin Sulfonate)
  2. Antifreeze (Propylene Glycol)
  3. Mureth Sulfate
  4. Lauryl Alcohol
  5. Sodium Lauryl Sulfates

    2.       Go for all natural shampoo instead of contains natural ingredients

Manufacturers of shampoos have found that many people do not carefully read the product labels when they buy shampoo. They have been able to use this to con people who are looking for natural shampoo into buying shampoo that has natural ingredients. The difference between these two is that all natural shampoo is completely made of safe, harm free, and beneficial natural products. Contains natural ingredients means that they have added some natural ingredients to what is otherwise a completely synthetic shampoo product. As a result, the latter shampoo is not as effective as all natural shampoo.

3.       Choose a natural shampoo with a wide variety of beneficial essential oils, vitamins, and herbal extracts

The quality of a natural shampoo is directly related to the kind of ingredients that have been added into it. You need a good variety of essential oils, vitamins, and herbs to ensure that every aspect of healthy hair growth is covered. Here are the most important areas of healthy hair and the natural ingredients needed for them.

  1. Strength and volume in hair – keratin, capsicum, and Aloe Vera are what you need for strong hair with healthy volume.
  2. Scalp protection – lemongrass, jojoba, lavender, and spearmint are all good for cleaning and protecting the scalp.
  3. Follicle stimulation – rosemary, peppermint, and capsicum.

Top 5 Water Bodies For Kayak Fishing In USA

Description: With the growing popularity of kayak fishing in various parts of the country, most people are busy finding out new spots for kayak fishing. Be it whitewater kayaking or surfing, a good spot would be that one which will not only have lots of fishes, but will also be easily accessible.


The overall experience of fishing kayak not only depends on how many fishes you got, but also on many factors which would include the convenience of getting to the spot, ease of fishing etc.

Here are the top 5 water bodies in USA that is loved most by the people who do regular kayak fishing.

# 5: Florida – Mosquito lagoon

Located on the north of Kennedy space center in east coast of Florida, the Mosquito lagoon or “The Goon” is a heaven for targeting a variety of fishes, primarily redfish, tarpon, speckled trout. With the launch towers of NASA in the backdrop and an average depth of the water body being just about a couple of feet, fishing experience in the mosquito lagoon is truly magical. With plenty of islands, bars and shoals, fishing becomes more interesting, especially when you are on a kayak.

#4: South Carolina – Charleston

With 2876 miles of coastal shoreline of Charleston in South Carolina is a paradise for any fisherman. The major spots for kayak angling in Charleston are upper Wando near the Paradise Island, Grice Cove on Charleston harbor, or the Daniel island shoreline. When you go for kayak fishing in Charleston this is what you can expect:

  • Ladyfish
  • Redfish
  • Speckled trout
  • Flounder
  • Black Sea bass
  • Black drum
  • Amberjack
  • Spanish mackerel
  • Jack Crevalle

#3: Virginia – Chesapeake Bay

Being the largest estuary in the whole of America, Chesapeake Bay is incredibly famous for kayak fishing. The total shoreline of the Bay is a whooping 11680miles which offers a huge variety of fishes like striped bass, gray trout, speckled trout, bluefish, spadefish, flounder, and even the mighty tarpon. These are just a few names of the huge list of fishes available in this heaven of kayak fishing.

Due to the huge count of around 150 streams and rivers getting dumped in the Chesapeake Bay, it offers excellent opportunities for kayak anglers to go fishing anywhere they want to.

#2: Texas – Ladybird Lake

While kayak fishing in the Ladybird Lake aka Town Lake in Texas could be challenging at times, but the water body also offers the reward of getting a Texas sized Trophy bass. The shorelines of the lake are lined with huge lay downs that make it a perfect ambush point for the largemouth bass.

With recent minimization of the flow of water through the lake, the average temperature has increased which has allowed aquatic vegetation to flourish. This in turn has made the environment very healthy for the aquatic life, thereby making it a wonderful kayak fishing option.

#1: Texas – Devils River

The crystal clear waters of the Devils River in Texas make it the best kayak fishing water body in the whole of USA. The river will offer deep slow pools, followed by stretches of swift rapids, shallow in nature. This makes it a wonderful hunting ground when you are atop a kayak looking for a fish. You get almost any type of fish here in the water which makes your experience even more enriching.